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All donation requests must be submitted online via this form at least three weeks in advance of the fundraising event. If there is a publication deadline or a date by which the donation is needed, requests must be submitted at least six weeks before that date. Telephone calls, emails and letters will not be accepted. 

Akron Racers applaud the efforts of community organizations in the region and attempts to support them in their efforts as much as possible. The following policy has been developed to create consistency and fairness.

Priority will be given to requests from organizations that:

  • Support our purpose statement of softball as a catalyst for social responsibility and leadership in giving proactively, with a direct focus on youth, especially underserved and at risk. 
  • Are located within a 60 mile radius of Akron, Ohio.
  • Use donated items to directly help the requesting organizations' operations.
  • Are a registered 501c3
  • Use donated items to directly help the requesting non-profit organizations' operations.


  • Typically, only tickets or merchandise will be provided
  • No cash will be donated
  • Autographed items will be distributed at the organization's discretion dependent on the nature of the event
  • An organization may only receive a donation once in a calendar year
  • Donations will be given only directly to a 501c3 organization and not to an organization or individual(s) raising funds for another organization
  • Due to the high quantity of requests, we are unable to donate items to individual teams, schools or chapters of organizations. For fundraising opportunities with the Akron Racers, contact info@akronracers.us
  • Any use of Akron Racers' logo must be approved by the Akron Racers

Please submit online application at least four weeks in advance of the event or publication date, whichever is earliest. Please do not call or send an email. Once your request has been reviewed, you will be contacted by a representative from the Akron Racers regarding the status of your request: declined, pending or accepted. Due to the volume of requests, please allow 2-4 weeks for a response.

Request a donation below:

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