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Racers Offer Unique Revenue Sharing Opportunity

The Akron Racers have created a program to assist agencies in our community with their mission. The Akron Racers would like to offer your non-profit organization an opportunity to participate in the Akron Racers Revenue Sharing Program. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s fun! 

We all struggle with budget readjustments and because of that, it forces us to make choices on what programs to fund. This is a chance to reach out and answer some of those concerns in a positive manner. We have resources we want to share. Your organization can identify any area within your operation that needs a financial shot in the arm or perhaps money for a specific program. 

The Akron Racers Revenue Sharing Program provides a special night for your organization where you can set up a booth, distribute information, sign up volunteers or advertise your next event. All that is necessary is to promote the 2017 Akron Racers to your supporters, friends and family.  We will provide you with a promotional code/link that they will use to purchase their $7 tickets.  With a minimum of 20 tickets sold, you will earn back 50% of the face value of the ticket.  That’s $3.50 per ticket! 

Your supporters earn money for their favorite non-profit and the Akron Racers will provide an entertaining night and a unique experience at historic Firestone Stadium. Think big!! With 500 tickets sold you spread the word about your non-profit, enjoy the fast-paced action of professional fastpitch and receive a check for $1,750! Not a bad night out and everyone’s a winner!

Call 330.376.8188 or email stacycorp@akronracers.us to sign up today!


2017 Revenue Sharing Participants


1. Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio

Promo Code: JANCO

For more information on Junior Achievement go to https://www.juniorachievement.org/web/ja-norcentohio/


2. Fury Fastpitch

Promo Code: FURY

For more information on Fury Fastpitch go to http://www.furyfastpitchsoftball.com/index.html


3. Lupus Foundation Greater Ohio Chapter

Promo Code: LUPUSGO

For more information on the Lupus Fooundation Greater Ohio Chapter go to http://www.lupus.org/ohio/home


4. Green Baseball/Softball Federation

Promo Code: GBSF

For more information on the Green Baseball/Softball Federation go to https://www.eteamz.com/gbsf/


5. Revere Baseball Softball Association

Promo Code: REVERE

For more information on the Revere Baseball Softball Association go to http://leagues.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=852626


 6. Perry Heights Baseball and Softball Association

Promo Code: PERRY

For more information on the Perry Heights Baseball and Softball Association go to http://sports.bluesombrero.com/Default.aspx?tabid=500245 


7. Akron Woman's City Club

Promo Code: CITYCLUB

For more information on the Akron Woman's City Club go to http://www.akronwomanscityclub.com/


8. Stow YES

Promo Code: STOW

For more information on the Stow YES program go to http://stowsoftball.com/


9. Ohio Bulldawgs Elite

Promo Code: BULLDAWG

For more information on the Ohio Bulldawgs Elite go to http://www.ohiobulldawgselite.com/


10. Community Support Service

Promo Code: CSS

For more information on Community Support Service go to http://www.cssbh.org/


11. Habitat for Humanity

Promo Code: HFH 

For more information on Habitat for Humanity go to http://www.hfhsummitcounty.org/


12. Brimfield Softball


For more information on Brimfield Softball go to http://www.brimfieldathleticassociation.org/ 

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